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Webb Excited by Victory 

The state of Massachusetts is trying to decide whether or not to bring in an additional 17,000 slot machines, and in doing so they have divided the state. There are some that feel that the number of slot machines that are already in the state are too many already, and then there are those that feel that they could use more. Stanley Webb is one of those people that feels that the state could always use more slot machines, but it doesn’t really matter to him as the State Appeals Court has already told him that he could offer his. 

Webb is the owner of Nutel Communications, Inc. located in New Bedford. He has several slot machines per se in the VFW Post there, but although they look like slot machines Webb insists that they are not. He says that his phone card machines are legal entities within the state and he says that the courts agree with him. The courts ruled the machines to be legal because they can be played for free, which is a requirement of the law.  

Webb says that the Cape Cod Times tried to say that the Hyannis based games were illegal slot machines, but Webb says that he has the court documentation to prove that they are not. The games operate just like slot machines in that you play at them and then you take your receipts to the bar to cash out – but because of their nature they are legal. They were originally determined to be slot machines and illegal, but the appeals court overturned the decision based on the fact that they could be played for free. The games are currently under investigation again, but Webb is holding firm saying that he has the courts behind him.


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