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Slot Machine Data Security

The Mohegan Sun slot machine casino takes no chances when it comes to security. They have their data and physical personnel security teams work together to make their slot machine business the best it can be. The slot machine casino works to make sure that every transaction is noted and followed by more than one person each and every time.

The surveillance of the slot machine casino is some of the best in the world, as everything is watched by a variety of people making sure that no one makes any mistakes or is able to do anything illegal. The Mohegan Sun is the second largest slot machine casino in the world, and is owned by the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority. The slot machine casino brings in more than $1.4 billion in revenue annually.

Most companies treat their security teams as if they are two different entities whereas the Mohegan Sun treats them as if they are one and the same. They know that it is important, especially for a slot machine casino as large as they are, to have cooperation between the two groups. The slot machine casino keeps track of personal information of all of their customers, including social security numbers and detailed profiles on some of their biggest customers. They know that if the slot machine casino were to have a breach, not only would their customers not feel safe giving that information out any longer, but they would take their business elsewhere.

The slot machine casino has an annual budget of roughly $14 million to keep on top of security measures, but in an industry that is somewhat behind on their technology they are limited to what is out there.


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