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Slot Machine Music

Has it ever occurred to you that someone actually spends time trying to come up with the songs that the slot machines play? All of the sounds and clangs that come from a slot machine are created by someone called a Sound Designer. It is their job to keep you musically enticed.

Many people think slot machines and they think about the sound of the coins dropping into the bucket at the bottom. However, now that most slot machines are cashless, that sound has to be created by something or someone. In comes the sound designer to create a lifelike sound of coins dropping into the bin to give the player the feeling of winning.

There are also many songs that play on the slot machines – and again, someone has to create them. People take the machines and their thousands and thousands of sounds for granted, but somewhere someone is trying to figure out the precise sound that is going to make you want to play that particular slot machine.

Not only does the sound have to draw you into the slot machine, but it also has to work with the lights to make you want to see more. It takes talented musicians to come up with just the right combinations and then put them together with today’s technology to make you want to play. But all of this has to be done without anyone realizing it. The sound of money dropping is enough for many – but there are other sounds that have to be enticing but not intruding at the same time.


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