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Slot Machine Bill Unfair and Outrageous

The voters in Maine have made it very clear that they are not interested in slot machines. They constantly vote down the notion that slot machines are needed in their state, yet people keep bringing them up for them to continuously vote down. They recently rejected a bid by the Passamaquoddy Tribe to bring slot machines to Washington County and now they are looking at another one.

The Legislatureís Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee just endorsed a new bill for slot machines from the Penobscot Indians to add slot machines to their Old Town reservation. Not only is this outrageous to the voters who just told the state that they donít want slot machines, but it is insulting to the Passamaquoddy Tribe especially considering they just got their slot machine bill vetoed.

Residents say that this is simply one more way that the stateís government not only disregards how they feel about important issues, but also how they waste an incredible amount of time on things that are basically no-brainers. They say that with the number of times that they have vetoed slot machines, and the fact that they just vetoed one in November, means that the latest one should have gone straight to the garbage can instead of taking up more time.

They want the legislature to be rid of the bill, and show that they listen when the people say they donít want something. They say that it is high time that someone in their government start paying attention to what the voters have to say before they show them exactly what they mean next Election Day.


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