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What Happens in Vegas? 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well, so they say, But that leaves the question – what happens in Vegas then? Seriously, Vegas is all kinds of fun whether you like to gamble, or watch the shows, or just eat the incredible food. Which ever reason you have for going, there is something to be had for all. There are easily more slot machines than most people have seen in a life time, and they are everywhere. 

Truly, there are more slot machines in Vegas than probably anywhere else in the world. You get off the plane in the airport – there are slot machines. You go to the store, and you have slot machines. Obviously the casinos have them as well, but it gets to be a bit extreme at times. But even so, there may be tons of slot machines, but their numbers are down just like they are everywhere else. Slot machines are not bringing in the money that they used to as people just don’t have the money to play at them. They are stuck trying to make do with whatever they are getting and are trying to figure out ways to bring in more money. 

Some say it is because President Obama told people not to go to Las Vegas. This is not what happened – he told the big companies that had been borrowing money from the US under President Bush to stop spending our taxpayer money on trips for their executives to Vegas, and if they didn’t need it they could give it back.  

Of course, everyone took that as a slight against Vegas, but they really did need to give that money back. But it is the normal guy who goes to play the slot machines that has had an effect on them. It is the guy who goes in each week and plays for the heck of it, that can’t any more because he lost his job. That is why slot machine revenue is down.


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