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Illegal Malaysian Slot Machine Dens

Christopher Wen is one busy man; he has made it his mission to crack down on illegal slot machine dens. His mission is two fold – to close down all illegal slot machine dens and to boost public confidence in the police – two very difficult jobs. He wants people to see that not only are slot machines illegal, but that the police are more than qualified to both find those slot machines and to protect the public’s well being.

Wen says that he is planning on having all of the illegal slot machine dens closed down by March, which will hurt the businesses of Malaysia deeply. Illegal slot machines are one of their most lucrative businesses for their criminal element. Wen says he does not know how many of these illegal slot machine dens exist, and knows that there were literally thousands at one point. He is confident however, that those numbers are dropping steadily.

Wen originally made it his mission to crack down on the illegal slot machines because of the complaints he was receiving about people becoming addicted to the machines and were getting into serious financial trouble. He was mostly concerned however, with the high numbers of children who were being lured in to play the slot machines instead of going to school.

Because of the problems that the police force has seen over the past few years – problems with corruption, poor service, abuse of power, etc. – Wen thinks that these slot machine raids are the perfect beginning to showing their residents that the police are back the way they should be and will be protecting them from harm.


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