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How Much are Slot Machines Worth? 

It is no wonder that people would want to know exactly how much a slot machine is worth. An easy answer would be that it depends on where it is located – but it is also a truthful answer. The slot machine industry is a billion dollar a year revenue generator, and slot machines are the biggest money makers for the gambling industry hands down.  

But a slot machine on a corner in Deluth is not going to be worth what a slot machine in Atlantic City or Las Vegas is. If you have an entire resort destination built around slot machines then you are going to see a much larger return on your money than if you only have a stand alone machine. Even slot machines in slots parlors located around the country don’t bring in as much money as their counterparts in places like Macau. 

Then you have to factor in what the slot machine brings in. If it is an incredibly popular game like Wheel of Fortune, then you are going to get a bigger return than if it is Joe’s Wheels or something equally uninteresting. This popularity varies by location as well, so you can’t pick one slot machine that is the most popular around the world. Where you decide to put your slot machine is just as important as which one you bring in. 

Slot machines are big money makers, there is no denying that, but the amount of money that they make is limited to the people who play them. If you have a few slot machines and restaurants, etc. you are going to make more money than the guy who has one slot machine in the back of his convenience store.


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