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Purses are Good for a Reason 

There has been a lot of talk lately at many race tracks across the United States, about how the purse sizes have gone up, and how the thoroughbred industry in their neck of the woods is doing so much better than other tracks across the state and country. Much of this has to do with the slot machines that have been allowed to come into these locations. Once they are permitted to bring in slot machines to their tracks, the amount of money flowing through the track grows exponentially. The horse trainers as well as the betters are much happier at the end of the day. 

However, many feel that the addition of slot machines to the tracks has been the end of the industry in the making. They believe that by allowing some tracks and not others to bring in slot machines to their consumers that they are creating a monopoly among their tracks. Those that have, continue to grow, and those that do not have are closing down one by one. They are restrained by the laws within their own state, but they are doing everything they can to do something about it. They are working with their legislatures or the casinos if they have them in their state, and still for many, no slot machines.  

Perfect example of the money coming in is the recent race at Evangeline. On July 2nd the purse pay out was $40,000 and of that $25,000 was slot machine revenue. Then on the same day at Delta, the purse was $29,000 and $27,000 of that was slot machine revenue. Now these are tracks that do not have their own slot machines, but the nearby tribes pay them their slot machine revenues so that they won’t run their own.  This has put the competition out of the range of the other tracks, and they feel it is simply not fair.


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