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Vegas for Kids

Many think of Las Vegas and they think of casinos, slot machines, burlesque shows – but that is the seedier “adult” side of Vegas that is on its way out, or at least not at the forefront. The city is now marketing itself to bring in families and children, because they know that if you create a place for kids, families will come – they will play the slot machines if their kids are happy as well.

The city has new marketing campaigns geared at bringing in the family set, even though it will really always be mostly an adult destination for those who want to play table games and slot machines. However, there are many casinos that are trying to gear portions of their attractions to bring in children and families, because if the kids are happy, mom and dad can play the slot machines.

Many of the attractions are free in the casinos, which makes them even more appealing. The Bellagio is a great example, they have many things that the kids will enjoy, and they are just one of the casinos. It is getting so that you will be hard pressed to find a casino that doesn’t have some sort of attraction for the kids.

There is even a Disney type monorail that will stop at all the major hotels, and the ride is a lot of fun for the kids. For those over five, it is $4, and under five is free. There is the Mandalay Bay Resort, which has a wave pool, a jungle, and an aquarium. Speaking of rides, there is even a London style double-decker bus that you can ride that takes you to all the major attractions, and it is $5 for a whole day.

The MGM Grand has slot machines, sure, but they also have a live version of their logo which the kids love to look at. They also have M&M’s World next door which has toys, games, and of course, M&M’s. You can watch the volcanoes erupt at the Mirage, or check out their zoo and lagoon.

These are just a few of the sights that Las Vegas has to offer. So if you have been putting off that trip to the slot machines because you thought the kids wouldn’t have fun, it might be time to give Vegas another look.


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