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Pittsburgh New Hot Spot 

When it comes to casinos there are many choices across the world that you can go to. But many people prefer to go to the one that is closest to their homes. With so many slot machines popping up these days it is no wonder that there would be more and more of them to enjoy and that the competition would be fiercer than ever. All of this is good news for the casino itself, but what about the areas surrounding the casinos? Do they benefit as well? It depends on who you ask. 

The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh is glad to know that their patrons are coming in droves, but the people that live and work around them are split on whether or not it is good for their local economy. Some of the businesses say that since the casino has opened and the slot machines were running that they have seen a big increase in the amount of money that has flowed through the town. They say that sales are up and that you can see the changes – new trees, power lines under ground, etc. – all courtesy of the money that is coming from the slot machines.  

However, some of them are not happy. There are some businesses that say that they really supported the casino and now they are not seeing any of the benefit of it. They say that the casino takes and takes, but does not give anything back and that their businesses are suffering as a result of them coming in.


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